2018 Summer Cocktails

Leaf (David Hines) Basil Martini  9

Lightning Bar Blues (John Juxo) Stoli Raz, Blue Curacao 9


I Got a Problem (Pete Henderson) Dirty Martini with regular or bleu cheese olives  9

One Drunken Kiss (Neal & The Vipers)  Stoli Vanil, Crème de Cocoa, Hershey Kiss  9

Sleep Walk (Bruce Marshall) Espresso Martini  9

Last Call Blonde (Sarah Levecque) Gin, Elderflower, Top w/Prosecco 

My Girlfriend Says (Michelle Willson) Gin, Violette Liquor, sour  9

Mystery Man (Tokyo Tramps)  Vodka, ice-tea, lemonade  8
Shave It (Cheryl Arena) Mai Tai  9


Rat Fink Bastard (Lisa Marie) Cucumber-infused vodka, soda, splash lemonade  8


Dance with Your Daddy (Racky Thomas) Bloody Mary  8


Snooky Jump (Willie J. Laws) Mojito  9
Knocked Out (The Love Dogs) Gin & Tonic w/Elderflower  8


Evening in Barcelona (Chris Fitz) Sangria - red wine, fruit juices, fresh herbs   gl/pitcher 8/24

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Bottle:  Coors Lite / Heineken / Blue Moon / Corona / Dogfish 60 / Brown’s Oatmeal Stout / Mayflower IPA / Golden Ale / Jack’s Abby Smoke & Dagger, Sunny Ridge, Mass Rising, Hoponious Union, & Jabby Brau/ Great Divide / Stone's Go To IPA, Arrogant Bastard & Pale Ale / Lakeside New Grist (gluten-free) / O’Doul’s (non-alcoholic)

Beer selection subject to change. Check out our beer selection on "The Mirror" behind the bar when you come in.  We feature selections from Jack's Abby and Stone's Brewery plus many others.